Henry’s Fine Jewelry Donates Equipment to

Liberty Corner Fire Company

 Liberty Corner Fire Company

Henry Feldman, owner of Henry’s Fine Jewelry in Dewy Meadow Village shopping center, recently saluted the local volunteer firefighters at the Liberty Corner Fire Co. by donating two vital pieces of equipment.

Feldman said the equipment will to help the firefighters do their jobs quickly and safely. “It’s important to support your local community, whether it firefighters, police, or emergency medical services,” Feldman said in explaining why he had made the donations. “These individuals put their lives at risk everyday they show up for work and I cannot give them enough gratitude.”

“The Liberty Corner Fire Company greatly appreciates Henry’s generous donation of several pieces of fire fighting equipment,” said Peter Abrahamian, fire chief with the Liberty Corner Fire Co. The equipment will be used for engine company operations in Bernards Township, as well as for mutual aid assignments with other fire companies, he said.

“It is through the help of Henry of Henry’s Fine Jewelry that we are able to continue helping others,” the chief said.

The donated items include four fire hose adapters that allow firefighters at the scene of a fire to connect fire houses to water tenders, fire apparatus that carry 3,000-plus gallons of water, according to an explanation from the fire company. The company will place two sets of two apiece on both fire engines.

A second donation, held by Feldman in the picture, is a gated wye, that will allow water to be taken from a larger-diameter hose and split into two smaller hoses. That equipment also will be carried on the fire engine responding to a call, according to details from the fire company.

“I hope by supplying the firefighters with this equipment, it will not only keep them safe and help save lives, but encourage other neighboring businesses and individuals to donate too,” Feldman added.


-Originally posted on the Basking Ridge Patch