Looking for that perfect gift for your special someone’s September birthday? The birthstone for September is Sapphire, a brilliant and vibrant stone (typically blue) long known for its beauty and scarcity. The ancients believed Sapphire to have powers that bring protection, good fortune and spiritual insight. Several countries produce beautiful Sapphires including the United States, Asia, Australia and East Africa. Sapphires are excellent for everyday wear due to its strength and resistance to scratches.

Sapphires comes in almost every color of the rainbow besides its most notable blue. Some additional colors Sapphires come in are pink, yellow, orange, white and black. Below are a few pieces that are sure to make a memorable September birthday for that someone special in your life.


Blue Sapphire & Diamond Stackable Rings

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Sapphire & Diamond Necklaces

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Sapphire & Diamond Fashion Ring

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