Whether your watch is losing time, not running at all, or won’t wind – we can help. No matter what brand of watch you have, Cartier, Breitling, or Timex, we can repair any of your watch problems.

There are a multitude of problems that can cause a watch to stop working, one being as simple as a dead battery. We can always change your battery on the spot while you watch and wait. However, sometimes quartz watches need a little more than a battery change after years of wear. If a watch battery doesn’t fix your watch, the movement within your watch can be replaced. Think of replacing a movement like putting a new motor in your car, it is a new mechanism that is exactly specified for your watch and should provide many years of happy wearing.We can replace most movements with genuine original movements manufactured by ETA, Rhonda, and Miyota.

Mechanical and automatic watches contain many more moving parts than their quartz counterparts. Mechanical watches require more constant attention to keep running accurately and consistently. There could be hundreds of moving parts in your watch, each of which need to be examined to determine what could be wrong with your watch. When a mechanical watch starts losing or gaining time, it is typically the first sign of the watch needing an overhaul or cleaning. As the watch runs constantly, dirt is created from the rubbing of gears and jewels. The build up of this dirt inside your watch can cause the watch to run irregularly or even not run at all.

Our certified watchmaker can examine your mechanical or quartz watch to determine what is wrong with your watch and receive a detailed no obligation estimate and explanation of any work that needs to be completed. Before returning the watch to you, we will make sure the watch is keeping accurate time and is water resistant (if applicable). So if your watch isn’t running correctly, trust our expert watchmaker to take care of your precious timepiece and have it running like new again.