About Us

Family Jeweler

Family, it’s who we are, and how we treat our customers.

We are a family owned and operated jewelry business since Henry originally opened his first store in 1989. Since then, we’ve grown leaps and bounds thanks to our loyal customers. We now have two beautiful state-of-the-art stores in Summit & Basking Ridge. Even though we’ve changed quite a bit from when we first opened, our business model has never changed; Create Beautiful Jewelry That Will Last A Lifetime.

Besides our business model staying the same, our three key attributes haven’t changed a bit either; Quality Workmanship, Fair Pricing, and Honesty. We strive to make every thing we do perfect, from simple battery changes to complex diamond setting. Even after working in the jewelry industry for over 40 years, Henry continues his passion for creating beautiful and unique jewelry each and everyday.

If you would like to learn more about us, make an appointment to come into the store or send us a message.

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