Jewelry Appraisals

Henry’s Fine Jewelry provides jewelry appraisals to help insure your jewelry against any potential loss or left. In each appraisal, a full written description of the piece of jewelry is provided. The jewelry is described in detail identifying any gemstones and qualities. Additionally, high resolution photos of your jewelry are attach to your appraisal. Each jewelry appraisal is done in front of you while you watch & wait. Every jewelry appraisal is a unique so there is no standard price. However, the appraiser can give you a price for an insurance jewelry appraisal before we begin.

Free verbal appraisals are done if you are curious of the value of your item. Additionally, we provide stone identifying and diamond certification services. Appointments for verbal appraisals are strongly recommended. Follow the selling your jewelry link if you would like to sell any of your jewelry.

Appraisal services are done by appointment by one of our full-time GIA Diamond Grading specialists. Please give us a call in either our Basking Ridge or Summit store to make an appointment.